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What do you wear to work?



What do you wear to work?

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nin pretty hate machine
Hi guys, I work in a relatively conservative field. Less so than law or medicine but more so then retail or hospitality. I was wondering what most people wear to work as I basically only wear opaque coloured plugs and I was wondering if I'm limiting myself too much. I wore some 8g (I'm at 6g now) hangies to a workmates wedding and someone actually grabbed my ear and looked behind it to see if it went all the way through, so people would notice. I just don't know what would happen if I wore more obvious jewelry to work that didn't pass for a stud earring.

So basically my question is: for those who work in a field where the sky is definitely not the limit for mods what do you wear and have you ever gotten in trouble for wearing something your supervisor thought was inappropriate? If yes, what happened?
  • I used to wear rose quartz. Right now my hair covers my ears all the time so I pretty much wear whatever.
  • I used to work in a local government office, my lobes were at 0g and I wore colorfronts most days. One day I wore earskins because I forgot to change them after the weekend, I thought I'd get in trouble but my manager was more interested than anything. Although she did tell me not to wear them again if I could help it. I did wear hanging designs a few times (twists and also a helix design), they got more attention but I stopped wearing them because they got in the way of answering the phone haha.

    Right now I've downsized, so I'm at 10g and wearing colorfronts again, they are definitely small enough to pass as normal studs.
  • i'm at 2g and i wear colorfronts mostly. recently i've been wearing steel eyelets and this past friday i wore some black acrylic spirals but no one has said anything. my goal size is 7/16" and once i get to that size i probably won't wear anything like that unless i'm working with people who don't care. fridays and saturdays i'm good to wear whatever i want because i work with awesome people.
  • 0g

    CZ blings. They are the plugs that look the most similar to regular earrings, in my opinion.
  • I'm 0g and work in accounts. I wear something solid all the time, never eyelets. No-one has ever said anything but I choose to keep it conservative, even though I'm allowed my labret. I always wear my hair down and I sometimes wear somthing that will only be clear when I have my hair up (i.e. luciferins / trans dichro, but no-one has ever noticed they are clear when I tie my hair up for lunch.
    That said, I'm a chicken shit and wouldn't want to risk a telling-off by wearing something that might be inappropriate. :P
  • i work in a bakery in a ~*natural marketplace*~ and i wear what i want since most people have modz there. i usually wear 5/8" horn spirals or DF aqua glass.

    for some reason im not allowed to wear my septum, though. whatevs.
  • i currently work w/dogs. i'm the boss and the owners don't seem to care. i don't wear my rare and/or super-fragile stuff in case it gets bumped/knocked out/eaten by an overzealous pupster. i also try not to wear hanging designs or wide-open tunnels to cut down on the chance of having anything accidently ripped out.

    at previous more conservative jobs- i've tried to limit myself to solid front glass/horn/stone and VERY fancy horn hanging designs. usually people would just notice that my 'earrings were beautifully carved/detailed'...not the fact that the actual holes weren't standard sized.
    • What gauge are you at? Cos I was only 8g and people noticed. They weren't like "OMFG your eeeeaars!" it was just a bit of a curiosity for them. I just feel weird about getting that reaction at work and don't know if it would extend to a talk about appropriateness.
      • 7/16". my hair is an angled bob (short in back and a bit longer than chin length in front) so it covers enough of my hanging things for ppl to not see the actual entry/exit of the jewelry.
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