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Dear off_stretched, Last night I was playfully chewing on a pen…



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Dear off_stretched,

Last night I was playfully chewing on a pen when this happened:

Needless to say, I freaked the fuck out. I haven't been to a dentist in two years, because I had such horrible experiences with the last one I went to. After crying for a few hours (it was a Sunday and no offices were open), I managed to get ahold of the list of insurance-approved dentists in my area and made an appointment with the closest guy to my house.

Turns out he was awesome! They let me watch Avatar while I was getting my teeth worked on. And the best part is, they didn't ask me to take out any of my piercings for x-rays (unlike the aforementioned terrible dentist). He literally did not say a single thing about me having a stretched oral piercing. Eventually my curiosity/nervous tension got the better of me and I asked if I had any gum recession or if stretching my philtrum piercing would cause any gum recession. He pretty confidently told me that it was in a pretty non-problematic placement and that he seldom sees upper-lip piercings that cause any sort of gum damage. All in all, I'm really stoked to have a mod-friendly dentist who doesn't make a huge deal out of all the shit in my face..

Can you tell me some amusing stories about mods + dentists or other doctors?

P.S. I am getting my conches punched tomorrow and thanks to the experiences on stretched, I'm feeling pretty comfortable/not scared.
  • O HAI

    omg that picture of your chipped tooth made me go D: irl, I don't very often make that face but I was like "AAAHHH."

    I always get really neurotic when going to see dentists/doctors/whatevers because I always expect they will hassle me about my piercings/tattoos/weight/etc. my funny story is that i went to all these dentists in the city who gave me shit about my lip piercings, but when I finally went to see this little old man dentist in my parents' middle-of-nowhere bumfuck town he was like "DUDE SWEET PIERCINGS."
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