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Dear off_stretched, Last night I was playfully chewing on a pen…



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Dear off_stretched,

Last night I was playfully chewing on a pen when this happened:

Needless to say, I freaked the fuck out. I haven't been to a dentist in two years, because I had such horrible experiences with the last one I went to. After crying for a few hours (it was a Sunday and no offices were open), I managed to get ahold of the list of insurance-approved dentists in my area and made an appointment with the closest guy to my house.

Turns out he was awesome! They let me watch Avatar while I was getting my teeth worked on. And the best part is, they didn't ask me to take out any of my piercings for x-rays (unlike the aforementioned terrible dentist). He literally did not say a single thing about me having a stretched oral piercing. Eventually my curiosity/nervous tension got the better of me and I asked if I had any gum recession or if stretching my philtrum piercing would cause any gum recession. He pretty confidently told me that it was in a pretty non-problematic placement and that he seldom sees upper-lip piercings that cause any sort of gum damage. All in all, I'm really stoked to have a mod-friendly dentist who doesn't make a huge deal out of all the shit in my face..

Can you tell me some amusing stories about mods + dentists or other doctors?

P.S. I am getting my conches punched tomorrow and thanks to the experiences on stretched, I'm feeling pretty comfortable/not scared.
  • i've had teeth SHATTER. no lie.
    i've also broken teeth on things like CHEEZY POOFS and ICE CREAM and PASTA. i've been begging my dentist to rip them out and give me new ones since i was like 10. he insists it's too expensive and my gums are still growing/moving/whatever. so instead we just wait until they're unfixable and then he pulls them out. so far i'm missing 4 back teeth. chewing is hard.

    he doesn't give a shit about my piercings. he did lol at me when he was flossing me and caught on one of my studs. i've been going to him FOREVER so he's kinda used to it.
    • Random story about dentures. Apparently if you have a top and bottom set and a tongue ring it will sound like a horse is running in your mouth all the time. My friend's husband removed his tongue ring because it was driving him insane.

      Other than that every friend I have, including my boy, that has dentures loooooooooooooooooves them. A lot. Though the pain is in fact pretty fucking bad.
      • my teeth don't LOOK bad...it's all the back ones that have broken and needed to be ripped out. i want them gone cause i'm in CONSTANT PAIN and have been for like 20yrs. i'm the only person i know who LOVES going to the dentist cause he shoots me up w/a boatload of novicaine and while i hate that feeling, it's still WAY better than painland...at least for a few hours.
        • No, no I wasn't suggesting they do. My point is that my friend Kristie has weak enamel so she had all of her uppers removed because they were literally crumbling. I can't imagine that's particularly comfortable. My friend's husband had barely any left from weak enamel from a childhood illness that involved him taking such high doses of penicillan that it eroded his teeth. Awesome teeth stories are awesome!

          And actually I love the dentist because we were so poor as kids going to the dentist was a luxury and meant whatever pain we had in our teeth would go away. For the record I am really sorry you're in pain. :( I can't believe he won't make you a bridge, or, well, whatever they make for back teeth.
          • i'm just pleased that at least they don't LOOK as bad as they feel. it does make eating difficult since chewing means things STABBING MY GUMS. i'm missing top+bottom in the back on one side and just bottom on the other so my left side is my eatin side ;)
            my teeth sucking is genetic. my dad once touched one of his front teeth and it broke clean in half. it was pretty disgusting.
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