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going back and forth and going larger



going back and forth and going larger

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My ears are super thick and quite happy, i'm curious if anyone ever stretched to 1 1/4" as thats the size i need in order to keep my 1" collection and wear them through silicone eyelets.

how do you convince yourself to stay at the size your at? i'm ridiculously inveted in my size but i keep seeing pictures at 1 1/4 and just drool at how perfect the size is.

maybe just going up to 1 1/8" and alternating back and forth between that and 1" would that work do you think?

i'm interested in input from people who are really invested in their size but realy secretly want to go a bit larger. What did you wind up deciding? are you able to go up and down? i should mention i have plugs that are 27mm that i wear as well as 25mm so its NOT that big a change i just managed to really tighten and thicken my lobes by no wearing jewlwery a lot of the time to really tighten my super stretchy lobes.

since nobody i know IRL stretches their ears supportive ideas are appreciated!
  • I'm at 7/16" and always want to go bigger... but I realize that I will probably want to go bigger no matter what size I'm at. It's never big enough! I must have ear dysmorphia or something, lol. And bigger plugs just seem to look so much nicer, no matter what they are.

    But I'm trying to be logical about it - I have a nice collection going and selling them all would be a huge pain in the ass, and bigger earrings are more expensive anyway. And no one except me (and people in this comm) knows or cares whether my ears are 7/16" or 1/2" or 5/8" or whatever. It's just a big hole in my ears to them, so the aesthetic point is fairly moot. Also, I'm just about as big as I can get without having really obvious ear distortion, so I figure it's good to stay here to prevent any workplace issues.

    I can reason with myself all day, but I think I'll always want to stretch up a bit more. I think you should do it so I can live vicariously through you :)
  • I really love hanging designs, and although some are made larger, the majority stop at around 1/2"/can't be worn through earskins. I'd love to stretch to a consistent 5/8", but I love my hangies too much, so I tend to wear 1/2" hangies then DF 9/16" and SF 5/8" plugs. The SF 5/8" is for very stretchy days, haha. I also wear 1/2" plugs through earskins a lot.
  • I stay at my size because it's what looks good on me and I have nearly everything I want in my size. I legitimately have thick lobes and could probably go to 5/8" or larger, but I just prefer the way 1/2" looks on my ears. Bigger is not always better. I haven't seen good pics of your ears lately, but I don't recall your lobes being especially thick... do you have updated pics since you started thickening them by leaving the jewelry out? I'd be interested in seeing the improvement :)
    • Ditto on this. Also, keep in mind you have the rest of your life to stretch, but there's no guarantee your ears will shrink nicely back to 1" if you decide to downsize.
      • this is also totall true. Also most sizes stop at 1" and are ridiculosly expensive larger. i've found the "cheaters" way form me is to get custom wear with 1 1/4" front flares and then regular saddles and back flares with 0-rings which allows me the detail without going up. totally nom my lobes but i suspect it would to the same if i stretched up
        • Yeah, that's the thing about stretching up--if you don't have the tissue to do it, you will have to put in a lot of work massaging, downsizing, etc, and you STILL might not have the tissue to do it. Honestly, it's cheaper and more satisfying to get custom jewelry in your actual size (1" with good front flares that you like) than to screw around with stretching up with ears that might not be happy at that size.
    • i do! i'll try to get some pics up. they're really really thick. i put on kaos today and 1" looked positively tiny. I highly recommend thickening for everyone you don't have to necessary downsize i'm home alot due to medical reasons and while at home i don't bother wearing plugs so my ears really tightened up and thickened as well. i don't think i have any nude pics so i'll try to get some in my collection post. I'm waiting for my quetzalli pieces to arrive as then i'll have the full set and really be excited to post!
      • Are you already working on collection post pics while waiting for your more recent purchases to arrive? I'm eager to see all your jewelry and I know a lot of other people are as well - we've been waiting for a long time! :D
  • my goal size has always been 3/4" simply because its the most flattering size for me, but i flirt with the possibility of going to 1" all the time. i doubt i'll ever stretch to that size though, and if by chance i did, i wouldn't stay there for very long. im pretty much in love with my current gauge.
  • I convince myself to stay here because, despite the fact that there is so much more available at 1/2", I don't think my ears would look good bigger than 7/16"

    Also my collection, my irreplaceable collection.

    PS: OT but did you ever go back to that place in mississauga that had some IS?
    • it hasn't reopened yet, they've decided to hire a piercer so i'm waiting for their shipment to come in they said they'd call. Actually thanks for reminding me i'm going to call this week and see if their shipment arrived as promised!
      • Glad to help lol
        please please pm me if they have any IS dichro in 7/16" whenever you do get a chance to go :)
        • i'll bring my calipers! i'll try to get out this week if its opened :) any preference? i KNOW the have rainbow so i can pick that up for you for sure, give me a list of what you're interested in so i can take it with me

          my email is christinamcdevitt@yahoo.ca so you don't have to post on g_t as i know theres a lot of people at your size (and mine) and i get nervous about tipping people off on what i want sometimes in case they teef it off BAF etc. not intentionally but reminding people can be a problem (tho most people on g_t are really honest but you never know!)
  • I'm staying at 5/8" for the forseeable future as to go bigger would require extended downsizing and then scalpelling. My lobes were bigger in the past but I was unhappy with the placement and fixing that just seems like a massive hassle.
    Also, if I went bigger on my lobes I'd need to go larger with my traguses to keep the proportions I have now. Frankly, I rather like the jewellery selection available at my current size so thoughts about going bigger are just fleeting ideas.
  • thanks everyone!

    i think i'll stay at my size, MAYBE go up to 1 1/8" and go back and forth but i'll leave it at that. I have custom flares or get large flares so i can get the detail from larger sizes while staying at 1" which is MUCH more affordable.

    in the meantime i am planning on getting my nose pierced (both nostrils) and potentially getting my conches done tho i'm not sure what size yet. I'll be getting everyting done by Blair (the brian decker of Canada)

    this is me, so any input on how double nostrils and conches would look would be appreciated :)

    straight on for the nostrils:

    1" tunnels

    and a pic that shows how i'd place the conches (this is before stretched ears and my industrials but they shouldn't get in the way)


    • I think double nostrils would look good. you have a cute nose!
      Also when I get my conch punches I am planning to see Blair as well. Just because he has such a good repuation. I can't actually think of any other Toronto piercer/mod artist that's as famous as him besides Tom Brazda and I'm not sure if he's still piercing. I know Stainless Studios closed.
      • yup. exactly why i would want to get pierced by Blair as he's kindof the Brain Decker of the north :) plus they're REALLY nice there. I tried calling a place in mississauga and not only were they rude, had no reference for their work (porfolio etc.) but wanted to charge me $50 more. I have enough bus tickets, i'll just make the trip to Toronto and bring my cane lol its all pimped out tho so i'm not as self concious anymore
  • if anything you should downsize. your lobes don't look great at the size you're at and will only look worse if you go larger.
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