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I'm new to Twitter. Have had one for a bit, but never used it. It…



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I'm new to Twitter. Have had one for a bit, but never used it. It came to my attention it could be an asset after a post on stretched talking about an update on there about BAF adding things.

My question: Any Twitter pages you'd suggest? Esp. ones that might offer contests or updates that are interesting. I have Omerica and BAF added.
  • I have my state police, FEMA and the CDC on mine. Not that they offer contests or anything, but are just good to have in general!
  • BreakingNews, TheOnion, OMGFacts, and FunnyOneLiners are informative/entertaining on occasion
  • Might wanna add SN too: http://twitter.com/steelnavel
    • Yup, they have a contest where if you include them in your Follow Friday list, they randomly pick people to win a gift certificate or something.
  • Add me (same username) and go through my lists to add other people/entities/businesses & laugh at my occasional drunken tweets. (That offer is to you - not just anyone. I have a protected account for a reason.)
    • Thank you lady!
      • No problemo! Also, anatometal has an account, but you'll see that in my lists. (And ANYONE can see my body modification list - it's public - if anyone reading this wants to harvest some more accounts to add).
  • BAF and SteelNavel are no-brainers, though they're incredibly quiet. Tawapa has an account, though they just use it to broadcast Facebook crap 99.9% of the time. It seems like most of the jewelry companies haven't really embraced Twitter. Fuck, half the time I'm not really sure if they've embraced "the internet" as a concept. Oh, GWS website, I'm looking at you.

    Other realms have a lot more to offer - sci-fi or comic books, for example, are well-represented. Or crafting.

    Watch out, though - it's fucking addictive. This is how I have four Twitter accounts. :P
  • Oooh, what's BAF's username on there? :D
  • shitmydadsays

    always really funny
  • dealsplus

    omg do they post amazing deals sometimes. bad for drunken "WOW I WANT THIS $300 FLAT SCREEN" but great for perusing their site and trying to win free ipods.
  • Cracked is always good for a laugh.
  • http://twitter.com/God_Damn_Batman

    Just for hilarity.
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