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May 8th, 2010

Oh Lawwd.

Baby Squid
Off_stretched, I am in dire need of help, someome to vent to, or a small fortune.

The situation:
I'm currently living at home with my father whilst I study to be a teacher, although it feels like he's living with me. I have control of the cooking, the cleaning, pretty much everything that needs to be done apart from personally paying bills (I give him the ££, he passes it on to the companies.)

Now, despite having control of the house, I have no control over my room. I have no furniture, apart from a TV stand, and a small chest of drawers. My possessions are currently stashed in a stack of 12 boxes, stored in my walk-in wardrobe (which is tiny.) and it is proving to be increasingly difficult to find things, store things or move around. It's stressing me out.

I wouldn't originally have minded, but I have a whole bedroom furniture set waiting to come over, so I can actually store things. I also have a small army of books massing in the corner of the room, 2 ratties to look after, my messy as hell boy moving in (my dad asked him, I'm staying out of it.) and OCD.
In the  beginning it was decided my boxes would stay in the conservatory, which is now filled with a god damn sofa. It was then decided that they would go into our garage - which is apparently impossible now because my dad is buying a boyfriend a bike, and obviously he needs somewhere to store it (how about in our locked alleyway?!!?) WHERE CAN I STORE OR UNPACK THESE BOXES?

The problem:
What little furniture I have does not provide adequate storage for me, or the boyfriend. He hasn't even moved in 1/3rd of his stuff, and the place is a mess, causing my OCD to go into overdrive. However, my father will NOT under any circumstance, bring my furniture over because "I have to much mess.". Anytime I mention bringing my stuff over so I can sort things, he flips out. I can't tidy up because I have finally run out of places to stack things. It's an endless cycle. I'm having panic attacks at the state of this room and I can't cope with the mountain of crap my boyfriend is capable of producing. The idiot stores everything from empty fag packets to plastic bags.

TLDR: How can I make some storage in this hellhole? How can I convince my dad to bring my furniture in so I can store stuff successfully? Can anyone suggest a way of sorting out this shitstorm without me having yet another panic attack or bursting into tears again? Is there anyway in hell I can have my own personal space again, that isn't taken over by fucking boxes?!

May 7th, 2010


I was thinking we'd had a tumblr post here, but I couldn't remember when. Looks like it was back in February, so I thought I'd try an update! I just recently created mine, The Modern Southern Gentleman, focusing on growing up and living in the South and Southern culture, with some highlighting of bands/musicians/artists from the South, with a bit of body modification (mainly how they're viewed in the South), and GLBT issues affecting us down South. So, the South in general, really. I'm a bit ADHD, so it's hard to keep it on a single topic like music or movies.

Anywhoo, everyone post a link to their tumblr! I'm sure there are probably a few more of us using the site now.

April 13th, 2010

my boyfriend is a wonderful person, but he's the pickiest person I've ever met in terms of food. meat and starch are all that he'll eat, and he's rather picky about that as well (which is why he cooks most of the time). About 6 months ago I bought a few boxes of pasta and I got the tri-colored rotini since it's colorful and a little better for me than the plain type (I think). turns out he doesn't like the green or red (spinach or tomato) noodles as "they taste funny" so those boxes were put at the back of the cabinet, and have stayed there. this afternoon I was making dinner and realized we were out of pasta ... so I opened the boxes of tri-colored rotini and picked through them, separating out the colored from the plain noodles. it was ridiculous, but he was thrilled to only be eating plain, boring noodles. ::sigh::
so, what's the most absurd thing you've done for a friend to make them happy?

April 12th, 2010

Okay, first off, I'm doing the big scary thing in about a month called graduation from college. Needless to say I'm horrified but ready to be lazy for six months or so before grad school. It's hilarious to me that the largest problem in my mind is the fact that I don't know what plugs I'm wearing to graduation. I would murder someone for some omerica cupcake plugs, but those retired gems are no where to be found. Without any kind of idea of what I want and what to wear, O_S, I come to you.

What plugs did you wear to your graduation (high school/college), and where did you get them! If you're graduating what do you plan on wearing? my budget is between $50 and $100, and I don't like hangies, but I'm really unsure of what to wear. I want something that POPS and looks nice, but isn't too crazy. Also, I don't want tunnels. Suggestions? dress my ears!

Next! I am absolutely terrible at organizing my organization materials. I have calendars, to do lists, budget worksheets, and everything else all over my apartment and it's not helping me stay organized one bit. I've tried doing the tech thing and syncing up my laptop/calendars, etc, but I hated it. Do you guys know of any kind of all in one book/planner type thing that has calendars, to do lists, budget stuff, and other organizational tools that I might need to survive epically planning the next year ish of my life? I'm not looking to spend $235245234 on a simple planner, but if this thing is awesome, I'm willing to drop some bank.

thank you all in advance!

April 11th, 2010


joan glasses
So aside from plugs/body jewellery, what other things do you obsessively collect?

I'm a huge sucker for makeup and beauty products - high-end, low-end, indie companies (I'm a huge Fyrinnae fan), whatever. I also have way too many things from Lush, although I've been trying to curb my spending until I use up my giant stockpile ;)

I also have too many accessories in general. Scarves and purses/bags are my big weakness, along with cardigans, plaid shirts, minidresses, and leggings. I just realized today that I have 4 pairs of black leggings. This is probably not something I should be flaunting.

Oh, and I have a ton of those tiny KidRobot figurines that come in surprise boxes. Highlights include two cupcakes smoking cigars and a dominatrix robot.

April 9th, 2010

(no subject)

Baby Squid
I'm having a wonderful morning so far, O_S, besides a creepy screaming/crying child that I can't see... (It sounds so Silent Hill-esque) and I was thinking, it's spring/summer... What are your plans?

Is anyone growing anything this year? Or travelling? How about making a fresh start on things? What are you wanting to do/to show people?

So far, I've adopted two little ratty-monsters, am considering going back to vegetarian (or just generally living a healthier life), dying to plant some veg-boxes and revamp my garden, started on the path to be a teacher (finally!) and am seriously lusting after a fresh set of dreads/a dreadhawk. :3

Anyone feel like sharing? Or have any tips/advice/recipes/general information or random nonsense?

April 5th, 2010

(no subject)

Could someone please point me in the direction of some mayan style flared plugs in smaller sizes. (Think 2g/0g/00g) I feel like I've looked everywhere and still come up with nothing. Thank you!

April 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

Baby Squid
Off_stretched! Help!

Can anyone tell me the front flare size on the (crappy) ikon plugs in sizes 18mm or 20mm? i cannot find details on the dimensions for the life of me, and its driving me mad!

if not, does anyone have an idea as to what single/double flare plugs have a 20mm or larger front flare? cheaper the better and flat flares are preferred... I'm being sneaky with some DIY ;P

March 31st, 2010

Lush fans!

me: heart two
I know we have some Lushies here, I want to know your favorite products/combos/bath cocktails (especially bath cocktails)!

Some of mine...Collapse )

March 28th, 2010

(no subject)

Lulz: ZP Mouthbreather
Hey guys-

Is there any Google Chrome equivalent of Firefox's add on, Screen Grab? I loved Firefox but it started crashing way too much recently so I left it for Chrome, a browser that treats me right.

I have a Mac, if that makes any difference. I Googled but the only things I found were an app that only took the visible portion of the page, or a thread on a computer geek forum that was almost a year old. I could hit print and make a pdf, buuuuuut that still wouldn't allow me to upload it to LJ or whatever.

Any suggestions, or am I SOL on this one?
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